New floor commissioning

New floors often are sold with a factory applied oil application. This has tremendous advantages, since under normal circumstances the wood surface can then be commissioned post-installation (& pre handover) with simply a wash and reoil. No sanding on site will be required and the floors will be in perfect condition ready for client handover.
Dane Care have commissioned floors in close to 2000 properties since starting out. Our most prestigious work being 90 apartments in Hyde Park One, London. Its our business to make sure every floor is easy to live with and for the end-user to be well briefed on how to care for it. If we are involved and doing our job then at least the floor is one aspect of the project that designer and contractor no longer need to be held up on.
This is so different from a factory applied lacquer or coloured hardwax finish. These may be perfect in the showroom and when they come out of the packet, but they often suffer under the intensity of being built over even when protective steps are taken. Its only takes the settling of builders dust, a few scratches or some paint and the problems start - what can be done? Nothing but sand the floor or replace it. Such floors carry no surface-finish guarantees and no trade offers any credible repair option once wear & tear takes hold.