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Dane Care is focused on supplying the best and most environmentally friendly oil & soaped based products for wood treatment. These are used by our contractors in a style known as Danish Polishing. The majority of our products will get used on interior surfaces; mainly floors, but also worktops and furniture. These are the surfaces receiving the most wear in a project and also will be the most disruptive to make good if they fail. They're an important choice. Unique colours effects are possible from white, through the greys and naturals and into the darker spectrums. In every case we will then be offering fast drying, quality oils or soaps that are used to combine resins into the wooden floor surface to create a natural protective finish that is wear and water resistant, hence easy to clean. The final sheen and build of finish on the floor depends on the working technique and chosen products. Our ‘How to…’ instructions endeavour to cover the opportunities, but please ask directly when you feel your need has not yet been covered. In all instances using the correct care products can significantly enhance the life of your floor finish. All our work is towards meeting the objective of supplying everlasting finishes for wood.